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Whenever anyone says “I don’t know how I could ever find time to [write a book/write an article/maintain a blog] I’m reminded of the writer’s refrain:

Writer’s write.

There’s a similar one Ph.D. students love to tell one another when they’re writing their dissertations. The key to writing a dissertation can be summed up in three words: butt in chair.

In other words, writing isn’t birds chirping and lovely wooden desks and poetic words flowing from the pen in an endless stream of inspiration. It’s hard work.

A few years ago I started doing an advent photo challenge with my congregation whereby we took a list of words and snapped a photo to go with the word each day. We’re doing it again this year. In addition, I’m adding a list of writing prompts to the mix in case folks want to kickstart their writing. Folks can use the prompts however they wish, but here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to set the timer for 30 minutes and whatever I have at the end of that time will be it. I’ll publish the results each day on the blog, even if it’s just a sentence, even if it’s unfinished. Join along if you wish!

Here are the prompts:

Day One – Write about something that gives you peace or robs you of it.
Day Two – Write about one ordinary moment that happened yesterday.
Day Three – Write about being renewed.
Day Four – Write about a time when you failed to reach your destination.
Day Five – Write about a time when you were restored to health or wholeness.
Day Six – Write about what the word solo means to you.
Day Seven – Write about something hopeful or hopeless.
Day Eight – Write about a time when you were fearless.
Day Nine – Write about a great delight.
Day Ten – Write about something ancient.
Day Eleven – Write about a time when you were burned.
Day Twelve – Write about perspective.
Day Thirteen – Write about something you wish to reclaim.
Day Fourteen – Write about a joyful moment in your life.
Day Fifteen – Write about what it means to nourish your own soul or someone else’s soul.
Day Sixteen – Write about water.
Day Seventeen – Write about a friendship.
Day Eighteen – Write about whether you are restful or restless and why.
Day Nineteen – Write about asking for something.
Day Twenty – Write about being blessed or blessing someone else.
Day Twenty One – Write about something that sparkles.
Day Twenty Two – Write about a favorite memory.
Day Twenty Three – Write about something you have received.
Day Twenty Four – Write about something you have given.
Day Twenty Five – Write about someone you love.

If you’re interested in the photo challenge, the words are:

  1. Peace
  2. Moment
  3. Renew
  4. Destination
  5. Restore
  6. Solo
  7. Hope
  8. Fearless
  9. Delight
  10. Ancient
  11. Burn
  12. Perspective
  13. Reclaim
  14. Joy
  15. Nourish
  16. Water
  17. Friendship
  18. Rest
  19. Ask
  20. Bless
  21. Sparkle
  22. Memory
  23. Receive
  24. Give
  25. Love


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