Faith + Family + Spirit

Faithful Families

Want to create sacred moments for your family without adding “one more thing”? Wishing you could help your children on their spiritual journey but unclear where to start? This is the book for you! With Faithful Families, you will learn to:

What you will learn by reading Faithful Families:

Some of the major obstacles to incorporating Faith Practices at home are:

Some of the practices include:

Faithful Families is the perfect gift!

Give at baptisms, new members, parents of church-run preschools and baby showers. Write a special note on the dedication page- There are also special pages in the back to write your own notes, ideas, and family traditions. Write your own family (or church) traditions in the back to customize! If you’re ready to start incorporating easy and meaningful Faith Practices into your life with little or no preparation, get Faithful Families today and see the positive difference it makes in your family’s life as well as those in your congregations.