Faith + Family + Spirit

Work with Traci


I am currently in the process of becoming certified as a coach through the ICF. As a part of my training, I have room for a small number of coaching clients. My areas of specialty for individual coaching are: 

*Faith Formation Leaders

*Clergy Navigating Change

*Moms in Ministry 

*Writing + Creative Process 


I work with individual churches, Presbyteries, Synods, and denominational bodies to train and equip their faith formation staff and lay leadership. My area of focus is practicing faith at home.

I also consult around cross+generational ministry, trends in Christian Education, and faith formation, more generally.

Previous clients include:

  • Presbyterian Church USA (and various Presbyteries)
  • Fuller Youth Institute 
  • Yale Youth Ministry Institute
  • Various Episcopal Diocese in the US 
  • Mid-Atlantic Association of UCC Educators and
  • Many more!


I also speak to congregations and denominational bodies around faith at home practices, trends in faith formation, and congregational change. 

Please set up a quick call to talk about consulting and speaking if you are interested! See the calendar below to sign up! 

Elmhurst, Ill.
United States of America