Bulletin Board Idea: Let Your Light Shine!

One of the things we’re working on in my church right now is fixing up dedicated space for children, youth, and intergenerational events. Like many mainline churches, our building is much bigger than the congregation needs right now, which presents both challenges and opportunities. There are so many bulletin boards in hallways and classrooms, and when they are spiffed up, it can really change the space. I’ve been taking a spin around Pinterest recently for inspiration and have found quite a few that I like. This Let Your Light Shine was really easy, and we worked on the components during worship.

For the blue background we used Better Than Paper. I like that product because the staple holes don’t show, it can be wiped clean, and it has a glossy look. It’s about double the price of regular bulletin board butcher paper, but its worth it, I think, because you get more mileage out of it. We put cloud border all around, and then used poster board to make the center piece. For the sun’s rays, I put long strips of orange and yellow paper on tables for Sunday worship, along with markers. (we’re in fellowship hall for the summer). Folks were invited to write down ways to share the light of Christ in the world. We stapled them all around and voila! Super easy, and super cheery!

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