Avocado Toast


Mrs. Smith Cooks started in 2010 as a scrapbook of my cooking and a way to share the recipes that delighted me and my family. I still cook and experiment with recipes but don’t take as much time as I used to to share them on this blog. In the last several years my attention has focused more on children’s spirituality and the church, and I’m blogging at traci-original.dev.cc more on those issues. There are still recipes I’d like to share from time to time, though, and for now, I’m going to post those both at mrssmithcooks.wordpress.com and at traci-original.dev.cc, though maybe I’ll merge them in the future.  So… avocado toast.

There are so few ingredients in avocado toast, it hardly counts as a recipe. Then again, toast is super trendy right now, and the story of how the artisanal toast trend came to be is so much deeper than you’d think.

This avocado toast is worth sharing, then, because it’s one of those things where the total is more than the sum of its parts: avocado, hearty bread, a squeeze of lemon juice, good salt, and a sprinkle of cumin. That’s it. Somehow, though, those ingredients combine in this super amazing way and creates a breakfast or snack you’ll want to eat every. single. day.  (Not that I do that, of course, hee hee.)  Give it a try, watch something so simple become your favorite breakfast.

A few notes:

  • Though I’m not a super foodie, I have noticed the fun in trying different salts. For this toast, I use himalayan sea salt. Sounds fancy, but it’s not that expensive. I buy from myspicesage.com, but here’s some on Amazon.
  • The heartier and thicker the bread, the less soggy and droopy the end result will be
  • When the star of the show is avocado, one had best be sure that the avocado is perfectly ripe. Avocados can be finicky, it seems that the window between underripe and overripe is really narrow. If you’re interested in reading an article (with 65 comments!) about getting the perfect avocado, try this one. Another avocado PSA: never refrigerate your avocados!

Avocado Toast, One Slice 


  • One slice hearty bread
  • 1/2 of a perfectly ripe avocado, sliced (if you’re taking a picture of it, otherwise just mushed on the bread)
  • Generous squeeze of lemon or lime juice
  • Big Pinch of sea salt
  • Teeny pinch of cumin

Instructions: (ha! writing instructions for toast! It’s amazing, I’m not kidding!) 

  1. Toast the bread as dark as you can without burning it (helps it to hold up under the weight of the avocado)
  2. Top with avocado, squeeze of juice, pinch of salt and pinch of cumin. Tip for the cumin: put your fingers up really high and sprinkle from up there so the cumin doesn’t fall down in one big glob. I’m serious about this. I make this toast nearly every day and I was getting tired of the cumin glob.

Source: Adapted/invented from the avocado toast I love to eat at Rosella Coffee in town

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