Emergency Children’s Sermons – Volume II


I think children’s messages are best when they are very, very simple. Rather than a sermon or an object lesson, I think it’s a great moment for children to connect with their pastor or children’s leaders, and practice faith together. Here are five “emergency” (read: last minute. It happens. I know) sermons that you might try. They are stripped down and super simple. At first glance you might think they are too simple. I assure you they are not. The most basic moments can sometimes be the most powerful.

1. Teacup Prayer: This takes very little preparation. Watch the YouTube video HERE a couple of times and learn it. When children come forward, talk about how a lot of times we think the way to pray is with our hands folded and eyes closed, but we can also learn to pray with our whole bodies. Ask the entire congregation to join with you on this one.

2. Tower of Gratitude: Requires some sort of blocks ( blocks, wooden blocks, I like the big cardboard blocks) – Talk about the importance of gratitude and being thankful. Invite each child to put a block on the tower and say one thing that he or she is thankful for (either aloud or silently in his or her heart.)

3. Bubble Prayers: Requires a bottle of bubbles. Tell everyone that when you blow bubble prayers, you breathe in the breath of your prayer (a request, or a thanksgiving or a confession) and then breathe out into the bubbles as a visible sign that God hears our prayers. Let everyone have an opportunity to blow bubbles and watch their prayers being released.

4. Teach a Bible Verse with Hand Motions: Just like the teacup prayer, this takes a few times of practicing and memorizing for the pastor or leader and then simply teach it to the children (and entire congregation!) during the children’s message. Love this example from Deuteronomy 6:5 

5. Read a Psalm line by line and have children repeat each line: 

Try Psalm 100 or Psalm 148 (both in the easy to read version)

Did you enjoy these easy children’s moment ideas? Check out volume 1 here.

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