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So… I’m going to start doing a few videos about some of the practices in Seamless Faith. Most will be about individual faith practices, but some will tackle other topics about faith and family. Planning for future videos to be 3-5 minutes long, but some might be longer or shorter. It’s sort of an experiment! The first video is one I made a few weeks ago, and it’s for Children’s Ministry Leaders and Pastors. It’s a 15 minute “how to” for creating a workshop. If you download the planning guide and watch the video, you should be ready to present a 90 minute workshop with about 90 minutes preparation time. Watch the video, fill out the guide, and voila! In my experience, these workshops are rich times of discussion with families and yield productive conversations without a lot of effort.



You probably need at least one copy of Seamless Faith, but if you’re hesitant about whether or not it’s a good resource for your congregation, the Kindle version is $1.99 until the end of September, so grab it on the quick and check it out.

The next video I’ll post is a very simple nighttime practice for preschoolers! Look for it next week!

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