Marking the Days God has Given #spiritualpractice #kidmin #seamlessfaith

So… my iMovie skills are… Elementary. But I just love this practice.

Unfortunately, the only way to see it right now is on Facebook! I’m a mess! I’ll work on getting this embedded in this post, but for now, enjoy.

One of the things that brings tears to my eyes is the idea that I wrote Seamless Faith with my own children in mind, but sort of forgot about that. In an effort to really focus on connecting with my boys, I started to use the faith practices from Seamless Faith that are designed for toddlers. So fun.

This practice is amazingly simple. Find a way to attach stars to a page (right now we’re using star stickers, but have done velcro stars in the past. Pro tip: laminate or contact paper the stars so they don’t rip, that was our problem.)

Ask your children to say “Thank you God for Another Day” as you put the stars on the page.

This is a great practice for preschool aged children.

The thing I love most about it is that it encourages the children (and I) to remember that each day is a gift. We don’t judge the day. We don’t talk about whether it was a “good day” or a “bad day” we just say thank you for the day and mark its passing.

For more information or for 49 other practices just like this, check out the book!

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