Mentor Monday: Eat More Fruits and Veggies, Tracy Germer, Arbonne Area Manager



I’m super excited to start a new blog series called Mentor Monday where I share wise advice from friends who have mentored me in one way or another. It seems to me that life is made up of small pieces of good advice that end up being life changing. The best advice I’ve gotten about life or work or parenting has often been the simplest. The goal of this series is to pass along little stories like this and to highlight the advisors themselves. My hope is that the simple advice that I’ve received will be helpful to you and that you’ll get to meet some incredible people along the way. No promises that I’ll post every Monday, but when I post, I’ll post on Monday. Because who couldn’t use good advice on a Monday?

The first piece of advice comes from my friend, businesswoman, and detox-guru Tracy Germer. It’s the most common sense advice we never follow: eat more fruits and vegetables. Awhile back Tracy posted this funny meme:


And then, a few days later we had the following text conversation (paraphrased, per my memory.)

Me: Ugh. I’m overwhelmed, and busy and kinda sad and still in my bed.

Tracy: You need a salad for lunch.

Me: What? I have no time for salads. No to the salad. Plus, that’s not what I need.

Tracy: I’m bringing you a salad. Dropping it off. Salad drive-by.

And know what? She did. It was a homemade salad with fruits and vegetables along with some Yerba Maté  tea (which is for another post) Guess what happened? I felt better that day. I felt better, in part, because a friend cared enough to drive across town and deliver me a salad, randomly. (I mean… who does that?!) but I also felt better because instead of my usual scrounging around the church for leftover cookies or fast food drive-through, I had a real lunch. The Tracy G salad drive-by changed my lunch routine. I eat salad now for lunch, most days. Every day I have more veggies. I don’t have some fancy new year’s resolution to lose 50 pounds or follow x,y,z, diet. I do have a plan to eat more fruits and vegetables. Why? Because it’s the most common darn sense advice in the universe.

It’s so basic, in fact, I feel like it’s hardly worth mentioning, much less starting a blog series with it. Here’s the thing though: It is worth mentioning, because nobody ever does it.  The CDC recently found that only about 13% of us eat enough fruits and vegetables. Fancy diet advice? You don’t need it, just… Eat a salad for crying out loud. Tracy’s begging you.

tracyAbout Tracy (the very first mentor featured on Mentor Mondays!) In addition to being the only person I know who will bring you a drive-by salad because you’re feeling sad and overwhelmed, Tracy is an area manager for Arbonne. I love Arbonne products. My favorites are this body scrub that smells like sunshine in a jar, the sleep well spray, and (recently) these energy fizz sticks. (Note: I received no compensation from Arbonne or Tracy for this shout out. Well, other than that salad, of course.) Check out the Arbonne, and buy it from Tracy.





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