New Printables!


I’m so excited to be offering two new printables, one for family use, and one for personal use. The Faith Jar is easy to use… here are the instructions:

Designed for Ages 5 +

Materials: This printable, a glass jar & scissors

Time Investment: Varies, but most of these practices can be done in 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of your family

How to:

Make the Jar:

• Print out the practices and cut along the lines in between each of them
• Shuffle the practices and put them in the jar

Use the Practices:

1. Decide when your family will go through the practices. Some times that seem to work for families: at dinner, before bed, or once a week (Saturday Mornings, for example).
2. Each time your family decides to use the faith activities jar, one person will take a practice from the jar and read it (pre-readers can select the practice and have someone else read it.)
3. Take turns answering the question or doing what the card suggests.
4. Put the used card in a drawer until you’ve gone through all 48 cards, then replenish the jar.

1. In the photo, you’ll notice that the practices are different colors. I did this so that each practice type (mindfulness, gratitude, questions about God, and prayer) were different colors. Choose how you’d like to make your own jar!
2. Try to encourage family members to not read the cards in advance — just dive in and choose!
3. Don’t give up on this activity! Some questions will resonate with your family more than others.

1. Make a family faith basket or box instead of a jar!
2. Take turns writing your own practices and adding them to the mix.
3. Instead of taking the practices out after you use them, add them back in to the jar, knowing that you might have some repetition.



The Good Morning World Printable is something that I’m really excited to offer for a personal reason: It’s based off of my own process for starting my day during times of high stress or anxiety. When I’m stressed or worried I need to start my day focused, calm, and with a clear sense of purpose. Oh yeah, and I need to somehow accomplish this in less than ten minutes. I tried a variety of different formats and decided on this one. It does the following:

  • Check in on how you’re feeling
  • A place to lay down three challenges or worries
  • A place to write down five reasons to be thankful
  • A place to set a daily intention

Notice that there are three challenges and five reasons to be thankful. This is HUGE… It helps me to remember that there’s always more reasons to be thankful than to worry. Research supports the benefits of being thankful and remembering gratitude.


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