Pew Boxes for Interactive Worship

Over the past few years, in an effort to build intergenerational community, many congregations have set their worship spaces up to include a designated area for young worshipers. Dubbed “pray-grounds,” these spaces sometimes offer child friendly furniture, resources, and lessons for young people in worship. I highlighted a number of them in this article.

Though pray-ground spaces work for many churches, they don’t work for all. Instead of a pray-ground space where children go during worship, some might opt for worship boxes at every row. The church I pastor right now has these, and they’re going over really well! These boxes are aimed with young worshippers in mind, although they’re used by all. I thought my readers and Treasure Box Tuesday subscribers might enjoy seeing what we put in ours for a little inspiration! Here are links to the products we include. These items were curated and chosen in collaboration with our church’s fantastic director of children and youth ministries who makes them extra special. Not every box has every item.  Take a look! 

Worship Boxes

Right now we have the following books and Bibles in our worship boxes, but we plan to rotate books in and out as we feel inspired.

The Spark Story Bible is perfect for middle readers who can follow along with the themes of worship.

The Growing in God’s Love Story Bible is our choice for younger readers.

Grit and Grace and the companion board book (below) are being featured in our boxes right now. The writing is wonderful, and the profiles are so inspiring.

A pared down version of Grit and Grace for younger children, Gritty and Graceful is the board book version.

Other Items
Fidget toys for children and adults. Something to keep hands occupied!

Brain Flakes for building

Ribbon wands — these are, hands down, the most popular things in the box. Adults and children love them! They use them to wave around during songs. Sometimes they wave them spontaneously, and sometimes I’ll point them out and we’ll all wave at the same time. 

Lace cards. It’s easy to work on these and listen at the same time!

We also have colored pencils, crayons, and slips of paper with praying hands on them for pre-readers to draw their prayer requests on and for those who can write to write them down. Sometimes we put in season-specific activity or coloring sheets to go with whatever is happening that day.

Everything is tucked neatly into these boxes and we go through them all from time to time to replace and change out what’s inside.

What do you think? How would worship boxes work well in your church community? What would you put in them? 

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