Sermon Remix: The Apostles’ Creed


At Northwood, we’re continuing our study of the Creeds. Last week we finished week 2, “The Apostles’ Creed.” We talked about how the creed has a long history and wasn’t written in one “working session” like the Nicene Creed was.  After learning a little bit about the creed and its history, we used it as a launch pad for a discussion about our core beliefs. What are three things we know to be true in our own lives? Each person was challenged to write down three things they knew were true about anything, science, art, faith. These were my three: 

  • I know my name, Traci Smith, is a very common name and that when you google it, a lot of other Traci Smiths come up. 
  • I know that Northwood served pancakes on Sunday to the entire church. 
  • I know that Clayton and Samuel bring immeasurable joy to my life.

After we wrote our three things we knew to be true in life we were challenged to write just one thing that we knew to be true about our faith. I wrote this:

  • I know God is love.

One of the things I love about “remixing” the sermon for this blog every week is the ability to link up some of the things that were an inspiration to me in the creative process that didn’t exactly fit in to the final sermon or the worship service. The idea of stating “three things I know to be true” came from a Ted Talk by a fantastic spoken word poet whose work I greatly admire, Sarah Kay. 

The final challenge for the week was to think not just of one thing you know to be true about faith, but ten things. If you put them all together, you have your own personal creed. I would love to see what people have come up with this week. 

Other inspiration:

Creed by Rich Mullins (The Apostles’ Creed set to music)

Manifesto by The City Harmonic (a modern/rock interpretation of a creed)



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