Someone You Should Know: Jerusalem Greer


From time to time I’ll be talking to someone new about Seamless Faith (soon to be re-released as Faithful Families!) and that person will ask “Do you know Jerusalem Greer? I think you two would really get along.” The answer I give is always “Kinda.” The truth is, I “met” Jerusalem through the wild internet world of connections, and we’ve yet to end up at the same place at the same time. As much as you can get to know someone via their writings and their work, I have to say, these mutual connection-makers seem to be right. I absolutely adore her stuff. I’ve been meaning to write a post about her forever!

Jerusalem, like me, doesn’t really put what she does in a box, her blog has a ton of categories homemadeyear(farm, faith, family, fest, fete) and her book, A Homemade Year is also a compilation of many wonderful things: cooking, crafting, and faith at home. (Hello!) Though there are a lot of different things going on, they all feel connected and woven together. As you read through the book, and her blog, you feel like you’re sitting in her living room with her. It’s magical.

Back to the book, though.  A Homemade Year is absolutely gorgeous (it looks like Martha Stewart Living, but better) and has step-by-step instructions and personal anecdotes along with all of the beautiful photos. It’s hard to pick a favorite activity in here, but since we’re sneaking up on Christmas, I have my eye on these sweet origami boxes meant to talk about the twelve days of Christmas.


As a pastor, I feel like the time after Christmas is time I want to celebrate. I’m not ready to hunker down until after the services and pageants and other events have ended and it’s just me and my family.  I’m planning to try and make these boxes this year. I’ll let you know!

I also like the fact that it sneaks in some special holidays and traditions that many of us don’t usually celebrate (St. Lucy’s Day, anyone?)

I also think A Homemade Year would be a great Christmas gift for your favorite mom or dad or uncle or grandpa who enjoys creating family traditions at home. For you pastors and children’s ministry leaders, it’s a great resource for families who say “How can I help my children grow up with a strong sense of faith and family?”

As for Jerusalem Greer, if you don’t know her: get on it! You can find her on


her Blog


She’s also a workshop leader and speaker. I’m guessing it’s way too late to book her for Advent this year, but how amazing would it be to have her come lead an Advent workshop for families to prepare them with the tools they need for a faith-filled family advent at home? She also has a Lenten version as well. Squee!

Jerusalem, thank you for the space you hold on the internet and through your books: a space for families who want to do faith at home to be inspired and welcomed, a space to get encouragement and “how tos.”  I can’t wait for your next book! Oh, also? All the people are right – we should be friends!


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