“Where’s my free copy?” “How much money are you making?” and other awkward questions… answered! (sorta)




So… my book Seamless Faith: Simple Practices for Daily Family Life is done being printed and is now available for purchase and reading. I learned a lot in the writing and publishing process. More about that next week, but for now, I thought I’d answer a few questions here about some of the nitty gritty of this book since, well… you’re asking. Some of you are asking for real and some of you are asking in your head, so I thought I’d just answer you!

Can I have a free copy? Probably not. Nope. Sorry, no. This isn’t because I don’t want you to have a free copy, it’s because I don’t have any. I really don’t. Ok, that’s a lie, I have a few free copies. You know who gets them? People who created me (hi mom and dad!) or were subject to me kicking them under the table when we were kids and then lying about it (hi Scott!) and people who smell my morning breath (Hi Elias!) and then a few people who are listed in the acknowledgements of the book because they contributed significant sweat and blood or influence to the book. Then there a few people I begged to read it in advance so they could say nice things. They get one too. That takes up all the free copies! Darn! Wish I had a free copy for everyone, but I do not. One great thing about this, though: If you sign up for my newsletter you can get some free excerpts to see what all the hubabaloo is about and decide if you want to buy a copy for yourself or your church or your friends (because you will!)

Ok, so since you’re not giving me one, I’m going to buy one. Where should I buy it? Depends. If you’re local, you should buy it from me! No shipping fees AND I can sign it and put a smiley face in it. Otherwise, get it from Chalice Press or any other big online book place. You know the ones.

How much money are you making off of this book? I’m simultaneously making not enough money and too much money from this book. Not enough money because, really, when we consider the number of hours I spent writing, editing, marketing, discussing, obsessing, emailing and organizing this book, I would definitely be making more money by doing a variety of other things. On the other hand I wrote this book and wanted it published for one reason and one reason only: I want the ideas out there. You guys, I really believe in this book. I really believe that parents who think they don’t know anything about how to teach their faith to their children really know a lot. I think that by doing really simple things as a part of every day life, parents can create a world for their children where faith is natural and normal, and just… life. So for me, making any money at all is sort of “too much” because what I really want is the platform and the opportunity to distribute these ideas to parents and ministers and churches. I’m not discussing numbers on the blog because I don’t know if it’s fair to other authors to discuss specifics like that in such a public forum, but if you know me and you want to know, ask me and I will absolutely tell you.

Are you going on a book tour? Yes! Ok, so a virtual one. In the beginning of April, I’m sending it around on a few blogs where people will write about it and review it and excerpt it. If you think your blog (or a blog you know) is a good candidate, let me know and I’ll see if we can get it on there. 

Will you sign my book? YES! You buy it, I’ll sign it. I’ll even put a smiley face or a heart in it.

Is it a good book? Tell me the truth: It really, really is. When I wrote it it was a pretty good book and then a lot of really awesome people edited it and designed it and made it into a really good book.

How can I help you make the book a success? OK, peeps, you are my peeps, so I want to tell you a secret: I want you to review the book on Amazon.  I don’t want you to say you liked it if you didn’t, I want you to say what you really think about it. You know why? Because people read those things. You’re my friends and my family and people who know me and are going to be reading it first, so put a review up! Do it! Also mark the book as “to read” on your bookshelf for Good Reads, share it on Facebook and talk to your friends about it.

Thank you for sharing my joy! Yay!

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