A TEA-RRIFIC $2 VBS Teacher Appreciation Gift #groan

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About May, I start seeing a lot of hits on THIS post of Three VBS teacher appreciation gifts that are less than $2 each from 2 years ago. Clearly people are searching for inexpensive ways to say thank you to VBS teachers. I hear you! Thought I’d add to the list by showing you what we did this year..

This year’s thank you was plastic tumblers with iced tea bags that have a note that says “thanks for being ‘TEA-RRIFIC'” (Picture all of the kids slapping their knees and saying “ha ha ha” when presented with such pun-erific awesomeness.) Thank you Pinterest, home of all things pun and appreciation. As I said in the other post, my preference for appreciation gifts is that they be consumable (something to eat or drink or plant) rather than another item to put on a shelf or in a jar. I made an exception for these, though, because 1. They were adorable and 2. I think these types of reusable tumblers with straws make a nice way to bring lemonade or iced coffee or water from home and thus reduce extra trash from water bottles or coffee shops. 3. (Truth alert) I was in a rush. These are super easy.

1. Get some plastic tumblers with lids and straws. I found mine at Dollar Tree for $1 each. (Here are some from the Dollar Tree website). If you have to buy them from Amazon, it might push your overall cost over the $2 per item promised in the headline. The cheapest I could find them on Amazon were these which are $35 for 12 cups. (Might be worth it though, because the quality might be better…)

2. Put in some tea bags that are specifically formulated for iced tea.

3. Tie on a tag with ribbon or string. You can google around for one that looks super fancy, or write your own, or use this one I made, just for you! 


Yay! All done! Thanks VBS teachers!


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