Bandwagons I’m On (472 Words)

A couple of days ago I wrote about bandwagons I’m not on. Let me tell you, that chia seed cliffhanger brought questions with it. I may have to do an entire piece about chia seeds to clear things up. Today, though, we’re switching over to bandwagons I am on. This will be fun. 

Barreling out the gate we have Taylor Swift, or as we say in our house “Tay Tay Yay Yay” Look, I’ve always liked her music, but in the past few years, I’ve just caught the whole vibe. She’s a genius. Eras Tour 4eva. The bracelets. The aesthetic. The lyrics. The moods. All of it. Every single piece of it. Yes, I bought the popcorn bowl, and yes I’m going to bling it up like I saw on a TikTok tutorial. I won’t be taking questions at this time. 

Next up, we’ve got glitter, rainbows, unicorns, hearts, stars, and magic wands. My current aesthetic is approximately the same as my first-grade daughter’s and I’m not mad at it. Headed out for gold glitter nails this afternoon. Please, let’s keep this forever. More sparkle, please. 

Let’s pivot over to something that might not go well with those glitter nails and I don’t care and that’s single-origin coffee. I made waves somewhere on the internet when I boldly proclaimed my love for light roasts (gasp!) but if we’re doing pour-over, I’ll try your Sumatra and possibly love it. I love the art of it and that single origin lets me close my eyes and visualize the country and soil from which it comes. It’s a form of meditation. The roaster at my favorite shop has become a personal friend and I love listening to her coffee nerd stories. The coffee sells itself, as it should. 

Rounding out the list we’ve got sparkling water. I think we can all agree that the sparkling water trend is over the top and I’m here for it. Though my favorite is plain San Pelligrino in glass bottles, I am here for all your Spendrifts and your LaCroixs, your Bublys and your AHAs, your Waterloos, Store Brands, and Perrier’s. If you don’t have San Pellegrino in a glass bottle, don’t worry, any brand or flavor will do. I’ll be extra excited if you happen to have the Limoncello LaCroix, Orange Vanilla Polar, or Spindrift Grapefruit. Don’t get me started on Izzes which are the nectar of the gods, but are obviously not suitable for the sparkling water conversation, because they’re virtually soda. 

Thanks for listening. If you need me, I’ll be in my favorite coffee shop, drinking a single origin pour over while listening to Taylor Swift and scrolling my pink glitter phone. I’ll probably be sending you unicorns and rainbows. If I get thirsty, there’s a case of San Pellegrino in the trunk, just for emergencies. 


#WritersWrite and I write almost every day. I sometimes share my thoughts publicly in this series called “500 Words or Less” This practice allows me to explore a variety of different topics in a restrained/contained way and learn what resonates with people. I wrote it, not AI. If you share, please give proper credit. © Traci Smith, 2023. All Rights Reserved.

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