499 Words About 5 Bandwagons I’m Not On

I love a good bandwagon, and soon I will write a post about bandwagons I am on, including Taylor Swift, pink glitter, unicorns, and more, but today I’m feeling up for a little list of bandwagons I’m not on. Just for fun and so you can get to know me better. Please note: I’m here for people loving what they love, and I’m not trying to get anyone off any of these bandwagons. 

Coming strong out of the gate we have Schitt’s Creek and Ted Lasso. These are in the same category for me in that they are TV shows often recommended to me by people whose tastes I trust. I love the memes, articles, and GIFs about them, but I haven’t managed to cozy up to them. Yes, I’ve tried them. No, I wasn’t instantly hooked. Yes, I know that “it gets better after a few episodes” I’ve just… not. 

Next is a category of foods I call “luxury foods I find gross for one reason or another.” Perhaps I need a more refined category in my head, but I don’t have one. This category includes but is not limited to caviar, escargot, pate, foie gras, and veal. Glad you like them, especially if they feel fancy  (because boy howdy do I love fancy) but for me these are not it. 

Number three, and this one feels semi-niche, I’m going with Stanely water bottles/cups. I’m quite certain that the reason I don’t understand this trend is because I don’t carry a water bottle around with me. I prefer, instead, to awkwardly drink lukewarm sparkling water directly out of giant San Pellegrino bottles. I understand the love of the Stanley has something to do with keeping your ice unmelted, even if your car catches on fire. If keeping your water that cold all the time is important to you, I can see that Stanley is the way to go. No judgment here. Rest assured, though, if your Stanley goes missing, it’s not because I took it, because I definitely didn’t. 

Ok, this third one is in a slightly different category in that it’s a bandwagon that I would like to be on, but can’t be on, and that’s cruises. I love the concept of cruises, particularly ones where there is some sort of theme that I’m all about, and even more so if all of my friends are going on one. I always have to say no, though, because I get horrible motion sickness and know it wouldn’t be for me. You may be tempted to give me a speech about why I wouldn’t feel motion sick on a cruise or how [insert all of the motion sickness remedies known to humanity] works great. I will tell you that my type of motion sickness is firmly in the IYKYK category and if you’re suggesting any of those things, you don’t. 

I’m already at 485 words, so I guess number five (chia seeds) will just have to go unexplained. 

#WritersWrite and I write almost every day. I sometimes share my thoughts publicly in this series called “500 Words or Less” This practice allows me to explore a variety of different topics in a restrained/contained way and learn what resonates with people. I wrote it, not AI. If you share, please give proper credit. © Traci Smith, 2023. All Rights Reserved.

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