These are a few of my favorite things (part one) : 266 Words

  • Pesto toast. (or one of the other four best kinds) 
  • Tulips in a straight vase. (Side note: did you know that tulips grow after they’re cut and put in water?)
  • A cortado at 2 or 3 pm, in a cortado glass, with a cortado spoon. The afternoon cortado is designed to counteract the mid-afternoon lull in energy. It can be enjoyed with a friend or colleague or alone, but it shouldn’t be guzzled. 
  • When they’re behind at the nail salon and I get bonus time to let my feet soak in the bubbly water tub. 
  • Flipping the pillow over to the cool side.  Ahhhh…
  • Listening to an eight-minute voice memo that starts with “Hello beautiful.” 
  • When someone says, shyly, “Will you sign my book?” (I’ll let you know if it ever gets old, so far, no.) 
  • When there’s some sort of task I have to do that “requires” I watch a movie while doing it, like wrapping presents or putting stickers on something. Guilt-free watching! 
  • Mint leaves + lemon zest + lemon juice + simple syrup + San Pellegrino + ice 
  • Waking up at 3am and realizing there’s a good stretch of sleep left. 
  • Not having to chop the onions for the recipe because I bought them pre-chopped. 
  • The delight I feel, by extension, about the first snowfall because my children are so delighted. 
  • Warm leggings from the dryer.
  • My husband’s face right after he shaves.
  • Glitter. 
  • White lights. 
  • Indian food with friends. 
  • Hot chocolate mustaches. 
  • Hope, which does not disappoint. 
  • Writing about my favorite things at 8am on a Monday morning with colleagues, hot coffee, and a lavender/cedar candle. 

#WritersWrite and I write almost every day. I sometimes share my thoughts publicly in this series called “500 Words or Less” This practice allows me to explore a variety of different topics in a restrained/contained way and learn what resonates with people. I wrote it, not AI. If you share, please give proper credit. © Traci Smith, 2023. All Rights Reserved.

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